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BELTAIN Sunday Eve 30th April 2017 Fresh growth covers the ground, juicy and lush. The air is abuzz with busy bees and the Earth is decked out in her prettiest flower dress - it's the wedding day of the Goddess and the young Sun God. Fully grown and fertile they join in loving union. Nature is celebrating with them and everywhere, love is in the air. The fires of Bel are lit and people join the wedding feast of the May King and Queen, jumping the fires to purify their souls and showing the corn how high to grow. Beltain is a time to celebrate love and life and the marvellous miracle of fertility. It is a time of divine ecstasy - full of potential yet to take shape.

April 25, 2017 AM


AUTUMN EQUINOX Thursday 22nd September 2016 Sun enters Libra 15:21 BST A time of equilibrium between the dark and the light. The wheel of the year is about to turn towards the dark and the flower maiden will leave the earth to join her mysterious lover in the underworld. But meanwhile there are tasks to be completed: the last harvest must be brought in and the things to be tidied up. Harvest is a joined effort. We share the labour and its rewards. The Libra Sun teaches us all about cooperation as a strategy for collective success.

October 23, 2016 AM


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