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Source 25cm Pyrite

Source 25cm Pyrite

Source with Pyrite

The earth represented as a female being within whose womb are all forms of Gaia's progeny.

These sacred sculptures created by Phillipa Bowers make wonderful altar pieces and can powerfully enhance the ambience of any ceremonial or ritual setting. They are a divine expression of the ever present archetypes, and can enhance any form of meditative contemplation and reflection, especially when used in conjunction with incense and candle offerings.

Holds tea light

HEIGHT ~ 25 cm

Please note, height is approximate and colours may vary from the photo due to the alchemical processes involved. Terracotta sculptures are in some cases upto 10% smaller due to the nature of the clay used.

©Phillipa Bowers ~ Handmade in Glastonbury UK

Please note that some sculptures can take 4-6 weeks to be despatched.
If your order is time sensitive please contact us before ordering so we can advise an expected delivery time.

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