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Carrot Organic Herbal Infusion

Carrot Organic Herbal Infusion


Daucus carota

The common carrot is well known as one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables, rich in vitamin A and full of health promoting and rejuvenating properties. Infused carrot oil is derived from the root of carrot rather than the seeds, like the essential oil. It has a bright orange colour and a high beta-carotene content, which makes it a useful oil in natural cosmetics and skin care preparations. Beta-carotene is well known for its role in maintaining a healthy complexion and youthful, elastic skin. Thus it is mostly used for nourishing and restorative night creams and to soothe dry and stressed skin. Add between 2-10% to a blend of base oils or butters for skin care preparations. Caution: Do not apply to open wounds.


Some healing herbs do not contain much volatile essential oil, yet have very powerful healing properties. These herbs can be macerated (infused) in an oil base such as Almond or Olive oil to extract their healing virtues.


Infused oils can either be applied topically, directly to the skin, or mixed with other oils and waxes to create healing salves and lotions.The specific properties of infused oils depend on the plants that have lent their healing powers to a particular infusion. They can be used as soothing massage oils and body lotions or added to various cosmetic preparations to provide an extra therapeutic effect.


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