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Blue Cohosh Root

Blue Cohosh Root


Caulophyllum thalictroides

A native of Eastern and Central North America, this herb is another women's herb whose secrets we have learnt from the Native Americans. Cohosh is an Algonquin name that is also applied to several other (unrelated) species with similar properties.


Blue Cohosh is a specific for easing false labour pains, speeding up parturition and bringing on delayed menstruation. It is a uterine tonic and can even bee used in cases of threatened miscarriage. However, Native American women also used it as a contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Blue Cohosh is also anti-spasmodic and can be used for colic, nervous cough and asthma and like Black Cohosh, it is indicated for easing rheumatic pain and fever.


Blue Cohosh is an herb of the Great Goddess. It can be used to deepen one's understanding of the female mysteries.

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