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Mango Butter

Mango Butter


Pressed from the seeds of the tropical Mango tree, Mango Butter has recently become very popular among lovers of natural cosmetics. Due to its high stearic acid content, it is a very solid substance that, in its neat form, is almost powdery or grainy. It readily melts at body temperature and nourishes the skin with its emollient and moisturizing qualities, leaving the skin feeling soft and silky with a light and non greasy protective shield. Mango butter is very popular with soap makers, who appreciate its softening and moisturizing qualities. It may also be added to home-made moisturizing creams, lotions or lip balms.


Star Child offers an extensive range of base products for the creative kitchen alchemist, who likes to make her own potions and lotions from scratch. We carry pure vegetable oils, infused oils, vegetable 'butters', waxes, flower waters and clays, as well as a wide range of essential oils - all you need to make your own range of natural cosmetics.
Making your own cosmetics, lotions and creams is not just great fun, but also allows you to choose exactly what you want to put on your skin. Thus you can leave out the preservatives, which are a standard addition to all ready-made cosmetics. Keep in mind though, that preparations without preservatives won't keep as long. For best results make small batches, use darkened bottles and store them in a cool, dark place.

The basic process of blending your own creams and lotions involves combining a watery element with a fatty base by means of an emulsifying agent, which gives them a creamy consistency. Each type of oil has its own properties and is suited to a particular types of skin and blending processes. You can also make your own soaps, which can be an endlessly creative pursuit and one that your friends and family will greatly appreciate. A good book on homemade cosmetics should cover the properties of all the different base ingredients in detail, as well as provide clear instructions, measurements and some yummy recipes to get you started.


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