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Bog Beans

Bog Beans

Bog Beans
Menyanthes trifoliata

History and Folklore

The unfortunate name of this pretty little herb was chosen with reference to its habitat in the upland bogs and moors and the similarity of its leaves to those of broad beans. But one could easily have come up with something more imaginative, like starry eyes of Persephone, or something of the sort. Due to habitat destruction this beautiful plant has become quite rare, but in the remote bogs and marshes of the highlands it can still be found - sometimes abundantly. It is one of those plants that animals use for self-medication Sheep in particular seek it out when plagued by consumption (tuberculosis). Due to its bitter properties it was sometimes used instead of hops, for brewing beer and as an additive in herbal cigarettes.


Medicinal uses

The principal characteristic of Bog Bean is its bitter taste, which stimulates the flow of digestive juices. Traditionally it was used as an appetite stimulant and digestive aid in cases of indigestion, bloating, constipation and heartburn, and to support the liver and gallbladder.  Older herbals mention its use as a febrifuge and as an external application to treat rheumatism and gout, rheumatoid arthritis and to dissolve glandular swellings. Bog Bean is a deobstruent,, whose gentle action helps to remove obstacles and to get things back into flow.


Magical uses

Bog Beans cleansing properties can also be used in a magical context to help clear obstacles and remove clutter and debris from the psychic sphere. The leaves can be used in herbal smoking mixes and incense blends.


CAUTION: Use in modest quantities, in teaspoonful doses, as large quantities can cause vomiting or diarrhoea. Do not use in cases of IBS, Crohns disease or diarrhoea.


Plants nourish and feed us, add spice to our life, bestow health and beauty, scent and colour and brighten our days. They mediate love, hope and gratitude; they clothe and cleanse us, they heal and soothe our bodies, minds and souls. They touch every aspect of our existence, from our daily sustenance to the air we breathe, to the keys to other dimensions. They are the alchemists that turn sunlight into the green force of life, continuously revolving, restoring, rebirthing through the cycles of time. They truly are the greatest gift of nature, yet also the one we most take for granted.
Star Child's range of botanicals derives from many regions and traditions of the world. We supply only the best quality herbs, using organically grown and sustainably harvested sources if available. The greater the demand for organic products the more readily they will become available. Your choice to buy and our commitment to supply organic herbs is part of the driving force that sows the seeds for a greener, healthier future.


There are dozens of ways in which herbs can be used. Many culinary herbs not only impart a great flavour but also have subtle effect on the digestive process. Other herbs are more medicinal than culinary and can be used as remedies, based on the wisdom of age old traditional plant knowledge. For more detailed information on the different types of preparations that can be made with herbs, please refer to the BOTANICALS USAGE section.


We support the notion of taking responsibility for one's own well being and thus strive to make all herbs available for use at your own discretion. It should be noted however, that not all herbs are safe to use in all circumstances. Special cautions may apply when suffering from certain medical conditions, when taking synthetic prescription drugs and during pregnancy. Research and familiarize yourself with any herb you intend to use and make sure you are aware of all special cautions that may apply. The information given here is based on thousands of years of traditional use. It is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace a visit to a medical professional where this is necessary.
If symptoms persist or re-occur, or if you are suffering from a serious medical condition, or if you are presently taking prescription drugs, we recommend that you consult a qualified doctor or practitioner before attempting to help yourself. Look for a practitioner/doctor who you can trust and who is prepared to explore natural health alternatives with you. Pregnancy is a very special time. If chosen wisely herbs can give tremendous support throughout the entire process. However, due to the vulnerability and sensitivity of the unborn child it is especially important to make sure that the herbs you are using are safe. (This also applies during the time of breast-feeding as all substances ingested by the mother are processed and passed on with the mother's milk). Many herbs may be useful during the latter stages of pregnancy or during labour, but could be dangerous during the first few months. Inform yourself - don't risk regret.

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