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Glastonbury Incense

Glastonbury Incense

This incense has been dedicated to Glastonbury as a place for seekers and pilgrims in search of spiritual truth and understanding. To this day Glastonbury is alive with Myths & Legends and those who know how to pass through the veil may catch a glimpse of the mysteries. This blend includes herbs collected from the hallowed earth around Glastonbury. May it bring you happy memories, peaceful vibrations and help you navigate through the mists of your spiritual journey.

Our range of Avalonian incense is dedicated to the realm myth and legends, of magic and enchantment. Enter a world between the worlds and a time outside time where Dragons roam and Fairies play …

Place a self-igniting charcoal disc on a fire-proof surface, well away from flammable objects. The charcoal disks can be ignited simply by holding a match or lighter to the rim. Be aware that these discs may occasionally spit and sparkle profusely upon ignition. Allow plenty of air to flow around the charcoal to ensure that it burns evenly. Some people prefer to open the window while the charcoal is igniting as it gives off quite a bit of smoke. Once the charcoal disc has finished sparkling it will start to glow, usually first on one side, then slowly spreading over the whole disc. When the entire disc is glowing red hot it is ready to use and you can place a little pinch of incense on top. As the disk glows through, the fire will concentrate in its centre. You may occasionally want to scrape off the ashes to expose the glowing centre and add fresh incense as desired.

Incense keeps well and often improves with age if kept in a cool and dark place. Charcoal, on the other hand, does not, as it has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air. Once the packet has been opened, keep it in an airtight container to preserve its self-igniting properties.

Keep incense and charcoal out of pet's and children's reach. Charcoal discs are highly flammable. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when igniting your charcoal disc. Once the disc has been lit do not touch it, as it will cause a burn. Make sure your incense dish is fire proof and does not conduct heat to the surface on which it stands. Glass (even glass ashtrays) will break. Do not dispose of the remaining ashes in a waste paper bin or plastic garbage bin as it may cause a fire. Do not hold the disc in your hand while lighting or burning.

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